Human68k for X680x0 version 3.01
Copyright 1987,88,89,90,91,92,95 SHARP/Hudson

Command version 3.00

C>pic qb_blue2.png

C>type hello.txt
Hello, world! I'm Rafal. Welcome to my website!

C>type about.txt
I am doing a lot of things with personal computers since 2003 A.D.
Currently I'm studying Electronic Engineering and Telecommunication
and slowly typing computer code, mostly in C and Python.
In my free time I like to fix old computers and game consoles,
fine-tune my personal Unix workstations or just watch anime.

C>type social.txt
I'm mostly posting on decentralised social platforms:
* Mastodon (main):
* Pleroma (in Polish):
I still sometimes use these accounts on proprietary social media silos:
* Twitter: @kadm_rafal (tech) and @BluRaf68k (culture)